Commercial Garage Door Repair And Maintenance In Phoenix Arizona


Commercial garage doors can take quite a bit of daily abuse, and that is why every company needs to know which commercial garage door repair business in Phoenix, Arizona they are going to count on for maintenance and repairs. A garage door that isn’t working properly not only costs money to repair, but it also hinders operations until the repairs are made. This could slow down your shipping and receiving and end up costing your business a lot of money. So it’s important to keep those commercial garage doors in tip top shape.

I’ll never forget working at a big department store in the back where all the shipping and receiving was handled. The storage area was enormous, and there were more about 10 commercial garage doors where semi trucks would pull up so that employees could unload them.

Once a truck had parked, the door would be opened up, and everyone would have access to what was inside the tractor trailer. Now imagine those doors being used day in and day out without any maintenance ever being performed. Then one day, one or two of them just give out, possibly injuring someone (which could be a big lawsuit) and effectively messing up the shipping and receiving department. Also, larger overhead doors have torsion springs that are under great pressure. If one breaks, serious injury could occur.

Businesses just cannot afford to take this chance and put off the maintenance part of their garage doors. And when one is in need of repair, you want to know which company in Phoenix to call, right? Perhaps you’re wanting technicians to assess whether or not you’re in need of new set rollers or a new door to be installed. Have you seen the newer models of garage doors available? Or maybe a more efficient electric opener is what you need.

Whether you have one overhead door or more than one, they need to be working properly. Imagine you’re the owner of a shop, and you get there in the morning only to find out one of your garage door bays won’t open. How much money is that going to cost you in lost business and time that day? Keep your doors running smoothly and your business will thank you for it.